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(Peter Parker x Male Reader AU) Summary: When Peter's mom falls sick he has to retrieve a special herb that only grows at prince y/n's palace. The Darlings head back to. Bullied! Quirkles joker male reader x my hero academia In fact, Froppy is the one family member who looks the least like a frog! Perhaps her abilities are strong and more.

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  • Yandere x Reader. BTS AU. Yandere BTS AU. Without Law and Order, the most primal human emotions thrive. Lust, greed and wrath run rampant among the once great streets, and wreck havoc among the sweetest of people who now only act for their own selfish sake. Language: English. Cole Sprouse x reader. Summary : You and your fiancé Cole Sprouse decided to reveal your engagement at Comic Con. Warning : None. A/n : Here it is, the final chapter! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. You and the cast of Riverdale were at Comic Con for the weekend. Your co-stars were quick to notice the ring around your finger and you told them about your recent engagement. You feel loved, finally you feel it and from the best person you could imagine. You cupped his cheeks and kissed him, it took him a while but he kissed you back and you had a long make out session. eddie munson male reader fanfic eddie munson x male reader stranger things fluff gaypride. Jun 14th, 2022. A Collection of Reader Inserts that all take place in the Overwatch Universe. All stories with the same character, (i.e., Tracer), are all set in the same universe unless otherwise stated. This means that the Reader is the same one from the. Oct 5, 2018 - Read New beginning from the story RWBY babies x Prototype Male Reader by huggablepanda341 (Shy Guy) with 13,218 reads. xreader, ruby, yang. Yesterday was hecti. - Free online Text to Speech reader . is a Free online Text To Speech Reader service. Accurate with natural voices, multilingual. Real time. Free & always will be. The TTS reader is available again for Guest users with limitations. Please check our FAQs for more details. You can register an account to get more. Missed ★ Yandere! Brother x Reader ★. Aug 20, 2021 · Marisa Kirisame x Male Reader Lemon - Moon Cancer - Wattpad from a. Anakin is the highschool shop teacher, I don't make the rules; Reader I want to say is the AP English teacher; Students often see you guys chatting away in the parking lot or around the teacher's lounge and LOVE the. Originally posted by mercuria1. ☆Both of them are protective of you. Well, Bucky is more protective of the both of you more than Steve is, especially because of his reputation. ☆Steve calls you 'sweetheart'. Bucky of course calls you 'doll' but also sometimes 'baby boy'. ☆Steve is really gentle and the one who just looks after and. Kenny x male reader. Chapter 2. Once you got home you quickly dropped your bag off in your room. You grabbed your wallet from your dresser after forgetting it this morning. Only having a three hour sleep made you forget a lot of things. Tweak's coffee wasn't far but a good enough distance from your place. About a 20 minute walk and a 10. Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Horror writer Reader Underswap Sans Underswap Papyrus [Y/N] [L/N] is an English writer,who moved to America when he was 11. [Y/N] currently lives in Ebott city,which is located near M.t Ebott.Recently the monsters who were trapped below the mountain were freed by a child named Chara.Who is now the ambassador for monsters. First steps. ☁️🍼. Rock habits 🍼☁️. Halloween 🍼☁️. Hide and seek. ☁️🍼. mikey tokyo revengers tokyo revengers x male reader tokyo revengers x reader tokyo revengers fluff toman x reader. 44 notes May 24th, 2022. AFAB!Reader X Male Centaur Part 3. Previous: Here. Word Count: 3753 Explicit: No. Warnings: Mentions of abortion, slavery, breeding, and imprisonment, pregnancy, childbirth. —————————————————— ... You didn't know the gender of your baby because you couldn't get an ultrasound, so you simply told your. Literature Baby 5 x Male!Reader: Someone's Waiting for You ~ Be brave, little one Make a wish for each sad little tear Hold your head up, though no one is near Someone's waiting for you~ Baby 5 cried as she watched other children take her toys after they asked her to relinquish them. She was always being tricked into things. She couldn't say no.

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    In this group you can create any FNaF x Reader story just in a discussion. I won't judge at all, just as long as it's FNaF related. Have fun. If you manage to make a FNaF x Reader story, you will become player of the week! Remember these icons for when you're making a FNaF x Reader story. (y/n) - Your name. (h/c) - Hair color. (e/c) - Eye color. (l/n) - Last name. (p/n) - Your pet's name. (f/a.